Jandek on Corwood features excerpts of an interview with Jandek from 1985 performed by John Trubee for the fledgling magazine SPIN . The entire 50 minute interview is contained on the Jandek on Corwood DVD.

So, here's the deal: we have a new documentary coming out in 2006. It's called First Impersonator and we'd like to heighten interest in it as much as we can before it hits the festival circuit. So, we're going to give cross-promotion a try and put up some excerpts from the Trubee interview with the hope that visitors might check out the trailer for First Impersonator.

So, before we get to the interview, let's start with the sell and the 100-word synopsis of First Impersonator from our press kit:

First Impersonator is a feature-length documentary about Political Impersonators. Shot over the course of a year and a half, First Impersonator shadows a George W. Bush lookalike throughout the 2004 Presidential race while documenting the life and career of famed JFK mimic Vaughn Meader. Cutting between two stories, First Impersonator finds a poignant resonance in their combination. It is a story of timing and circumstance, of serendipity; of resemblance and identity; of one impersonator’s career decided by a national election and another’s haunted by the memory of a dead President.

Here's the First Impersonator website for more info and the trailer:

Okay, thanks for your patience. Now, here's what you came for...


"John Trubee Interview" segment:

Download Here
12m 17s, 48Kbps mp3, 4.3 MB

This interview is courtesy of John Trubee, who appears in Jandek on Corwood. Find out more about the ecclectic Mr. Trubee here.


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